The details of feeding huskies should be noted

Update:31 Oct 2017

Proper feeding is very good for the growth of Husky, an […]

Proper feeding is very good for the growth of Husky, and the wrong way of feeding will have a great impact on the health of Husky. So the feeding work on the right and wrong, the owner must know, this is conducive to the growth of Husky.

1, ordinary food mixed with dog food can be fed it?

Many of the owners are aware of the risk of husky partial eclipse, so in the feeding of meat, liver at the same time to add some dog food, want to make the dog to get comprehensive nutrition, this concept is not correct. Because any kind of dog food is designed as a full-price dietary nutrient, rather than like a pig with a premix, concentrate and full-price diet. So the full price of dog food can not be used as a nutritional supplement.

2, finished dog food heating is reasonable?

Some dog owners are accustomed to the finished dog food heating after feeding the puppy, this approach is not correct. Dog food can be divided into canned and dry food. For cans, the new cans are not heated, because in the sealed before the strict sterilization, especially in the import brand, in the foreign Husky food hygiene requirements of the same person's food hygiene requirements are the same.