Poster rack product features

Update:19 Dec 2017

1, The poster frame made of aluminum alloy frame, for i […]

1, The poster frame made of aluminum alloy frame, for indoor and outdoor use; product design fully take into account the overall unity, it is in the brow and the main frame are made of the same material; and can produce more Kind of size
2, The frame profile is 32mm standard size, double-sided, and the profile surface is smooth, no extrusion indentation, scratches, etc., making beautiful; iron galvanized corner material non-plastic, repeated use, easy to wear;
3, The poster frame using iron galvanized iron, to a great extent to improve the utilization rate of the product, and difficult to cause damage in transit;
4,  The standard size of the screen A1, and can produce a variety of non-standard size according to customer demand; Scratch film attached to the screen, not only to protect the screen from damage, at the same time, has a certain anti-UV effect, effectively prevent premature fade screen;
5, The standard packaging for the carton.