Need to pay attention to the details of the Pomeranian bath

Update:12 Oct 2017

   To master the Pomeranian hygiene should pay attentio […]

   To master the Pomeranian hygiene should pay attention to many details, share a few owners need to know the details. Master these details, owners in the Pomeranian clean will be more smooth.
1, prior to the Pomeranian bath, to give it to wear a collar, so in the shower, easy to control.
2, with a cotton swab or cotton (cotton ball, if not in the bath, the Pomeranian head, a cotton ball will fall off) vertical Pomeranian T-shaped ear plug. Pet cage wholesale
3, if the Pomeranian placed in the bath tub or bath, then the water should be 5-10 cm deep, the bathtub can be placed on a mat, let the Pomeranian himself in the bathtub.
4, with appropriate warm water to soak the Pomeranian, the Pomeranian who Maomao gently comb again, let the Pomeranian feel comfortable and quiet, good for bathing.