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Update:04 Aug 2016

Sun room is also known as glass room, foreign name: win […]

Sun room is also known as glass room, foreign name: winter garden. The sun room uses glass and metal frame to build the Ming and Ming traditional buildings, in order to achieve the enjoyment of the sun, close to the natural purpose. Sunshine room is the pursuit of natural and fashion at home and abroad respected buildings. Sunshine room is widely in the North China region of Shanghai area of the victory of the industry needs according to the needs of the use of places and personal hobbies to design and construction, indoor layout can be decorated according to personal preferences. Balcony or terrace sun room, in the whole room, so the visual connection is very important. Need to consider its overall style with the building to be consistent, while the overall tone as much as possible consistent.
Independent sun room can be used for garden small shops, passengers rest on the way to rest area, street shops, garden flowers, etc., removable, easy to transport installation, handsome in appearance, shelter from the rain. Is the necessary artifact for home recreation.