How dogs eat is healthy

Update:18 Oct 2017

Dog as part of our family members, in the dog's diet, o […]

Dog as part of our family members, in the dog's diet, of course we have to be responsible for it. Far Yang pet cage production manufacturers Xiaobian found that due to the negligence of many owners led to the dog's departure, the reason is because of improper feeding caused.
For dogs, what is the real health of feeding? Meat, fish, protein, cereals and vitamins Mineral intake is important for dogs. Balanced nutrition will make dog bones healthy, full of muscle, fur luster.
The dog's stomach is very fragile, when feeding such food or need attention. Some masters feel that dogs love nature to eat bones, and bone calcium, so will give dog bones to eat. Bones are not can not eat, but small long bones do not give dogs to eat. Such as chicken bones.
Chicken bones are easy to cause dog suffocation, cross the stomach, indigestion and so on. In the choice of food, try not to feed people eat food.
People eat food contains a lot of salt, but the dog can not eat a lot of salt, salt for the dog will not only affect the fur, but also affect the bones, dog food is the first choice for dogs. Good natural grain will help the dog improve hair, strong bones, sturdy muscles.