Cages always use it?

Update:03 Jan 2018

Most of the time, some dogs (adult dogs) do not like be […]

Most of the time, some dogs (adult dogs) do not like being restrained in a small space and are not free. To bring them out to play, their nature is to run.
Use cage but can not abuse!
If you have children at home, you should educate the children. The pet's cage is a special space for pets. Do not play in the pet's cage and play dog.
The cage is not used to keep the dog alone all day long at home, although some dogs tolerate it. If it is an occasional day off, you must:
1. Make it fully active before closing the cage. There must be enough water in the cage to ensure that water does not get over it.
Your dog can have complete free time every night.
2. If you do not have time to take the dog out, you must leave the dog alone. You must think more about the dog. Off the cage is not the most important, it will use other means to express their anxiety and anxiety.