Aluminum frame

Update:12 Dec 2017

First, the system box: As the saying goes without rules […]

First, the system box: As the saying goes without rules, every person in society will be subject to the system constraints. To tens of millions of state-owned enterprises, as small as a dozen small businesses; up to the national government units, down to all types of private enterprises, the normal operation can not be separated from the existence of the system. Institutional frameworks make the system more visible and intuitive. Jun system made of aluminum alloy frame shape high-end atmosphere, durable, better for the unit or company services.
Second, the advertising box: In modern society, advertising plays an increasingly important role. Good advertising ideas can stimulate the advertising audience's desire to buy, so as to create greater benefits for the enterprise. These dazzling ads screen, you need the appropriate advertising box to help the screen play a better publicity. Jun Road, the supply of various types of aluminum alloy frame cheap, easy assembly and disassembly, not subject to size restrictions, can be arbitrarily assembled into various types of large, medium and small advertising box, aging color is not easy. Widely used in elevators, shopping malls, hotels, airports, banks, wedding photo studio, home decoration, indoor and outdoor display, large-scale exhibition projects or activities, gas stations, subways, bus stations and other advertising. Specific to the different applications, there will be different names. Elevator in the advertising box is called the elevator box, home decoration may be made of aluminum alloy frame or aluminum frame.

Compared to the traditional wooden frame and plastic frame, aluminum frame is the biggest advantage of better fastening, longer service life. Currently, in a variety of materials in the box, aluminum alloy box is the most widely used. Its diverse shapes, limited by size, color can also be selected according to the actual needs of customers. Moreover, the scope of application of aluminum frame is clearly not the only, here we do not repeat them one by one, I believe we have a more intuitive understanding of the mind. Due to the appearance of beautiful and generous aluminum alloy frame, durable, easy to use and other related advantages in the development of the industry wave, the aluminum frame will be the mainstay of the entire industry.